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YMG We Meet Today @ 6:30pm 🙌🏾👑🤝🏾👊🏾🗓️

Good Afternoon YMG Family,

Reminder we meet today at 6:30 pm via zoom. Tuesdays session, we began our series on what it takes to become a good leader.

A good leader first must learn to lead himself. We have to accept our strengths and areas that needs improvement. A good leader also must learn to develop self discipline.

“Maturity does not begin with age but with the acceptance of responsibility.”

Walt Kelly stated we have met the enemy and he is us. Become good at leading yourself! How can we expect others to follow us if we can’t lead ourself in a positive way.

Fredrick the Great” of Prussia , said something profound when walking on the outskirts of Berlin.  He asked an old man “who he was” and the man replied, I am a King.  Frederick laughed and asked over what kingdom do you reign, and he said “OVER MYSLEF”

Who Are We!? YMG! We Believe! 🫡👑🤝🏾

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