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Leadership Development and Life Skills

Throughout the year, we will focus on providing as many resources and community partnerships as possible to provide enrichment opportunities for our Young Men that will encourage goal setting, thinking outside the box, and new ideas and concepts that will help build character, goal setting and organizational skills and leadership skills.

Social and Emotional Health and Advocacy

The mentors of YMG are certified life coaches. This allows them to go beyond the surface to provide guidance and support. We take a barbershop approach to real life discussions and current events while identifying their emotions while offering tools and healthy ways to express the.

Financial Literacy and Enrichment

Our financial literacy portion consists of our very own curriculum designed with young black men in mind that also aligns with the Ohio Department of Education’s standards for financial literacy for both middle school and high school. We also partner with local financial institutions to provide additional education and support that reinforces the importance of learning financial concepts and how money works.

Community Engagement

Throughout the year we focus on providing as many cultural opportunities as possible to connect the Young Men to their communities while teaching them the importance of being pillars of influence. We engage in hours of community service with our community clean up initiative and with local partners.

The four pillars of YMG’s foundation is what binds the Young Men together. Our focus on social and emotional health was purposely incorporated in our curriculum specifically due to the direct connection of some of the major concerns in the black community, including violence, fatherlessness, poverty, and dropout rates. Our intentions are to build comprehensive Young Men  that strive to be the best versions of themselves.  This organically intertwines our Leadership Development  and Life Skills component.  Our approach in this area offers an array of options that incorporate Leadership training by partners, reading and curriculum, and field trips.


Financial Literacy has also been designed with the black male in mind while in alignment with the Ohio Dept of Educations standards . We also partner with local Financial institutions to help expand their knowledge about money, how it works, and how to manage. We also incorporate an entrepreneurship component. Lastly, Community Engagement is a non-compromising requirement. Each participant is required to complete a number of community hours and volunteer time with YMG. We teach the the importance why being a positive presence in their community, is key to being the change they want to see.

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