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We say it like this: Forty-Five to Nine. Now say it with me! Forty-Five to Nine! Seem strange, not quite, stay with me, the phrase has quite a significant meaning. 45 was both my high school, and college basketball number. There were plenty of highlights during my career, but what resonates the most is my pursuit to find my purpose, and plan for the journey set before me. 


This broken young man struggled, and no path seemed clear so it seemed. 45 represented the journey, who I was, and what I wanted to be, which ultimately was a whole young man. I wanted to get two a place of defined purpose. Now, do you see the correlation? After all, four plus five equals nine, 4+5=9. The number nine means wholeness, attainment, and satisfaction. 


How do I get from 45 to 9? How do I go from being incomplete to complete? How do I navigate through this journey and what is my 2? My two was my mentor!  Get it now? Take a minute to ponder! Ultimately it’s a full reflection of YMG and the true reason why we do what we do. 


We want to help Young Men Grow and find their why…their number 2. We want to help them to connect the dots and become whole young men, walking with confidence, conviction, and belief that they can become the best versions of themselves. No longer incomplete (45) but well on their way to attainment(9) There you go! Join us, and support the movement!

Forty-Five to Nine 45(2)9

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