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Impact Stories

Very Thankful and Grateful

My son MJ has been a part of YMG for the 2021-2022 school year I must say that we are very thankful and grateful for the opportunity. My son doesn't have his biological father in the household so this program has given him the chance to be around boys and men who not only encourage him but also give him opportunities to look forward to. My child has had an improved attitude since becoming a part of this program and also has been more focused. My child and I are truly appreciative of this program and the hard work and dedication from YMG!

Schrell P.

More Patient and Better Decisions

Young Men Growing has helped me prosper as a young man. Over the course of the program I became much more patient, I made better decisions, I was much more laser focused and my attitude improved greatly. Forever grateful to the YMG family for mentoring me and treating me as one of their own.

Jeremy T.

A Blessing to My Son and Me

YMG has been a blessing to my son and I. These great men have taught my son invaluable lessons in life. They use a variety of relevant techniques to keep the young mens' interest from field trips to zoom meetings. They work one on one with them and stay in touch with them throughout the years. This program turned the trajectory of my son's life around for the better. They genuinely care for the young men and show great interest in them becoming successful young men that bring added value to the world.

Theressa M.

Ascension in Their Maturity

It has been a pleasure to witness the growth within the YMG organization over the last year alone. The level of focus and commitment the kids have brought each and every session shows the ascension in their maturity. They have been patient, allowing themselves to go through the maturation process leading to better decisions being made and improved attitudes.

Ishmieal K.

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