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YMG Plans Next 4 Months 📅👂🏾🎤🔊👏🏾

Hello YMG Family,

Happy New Year! As we begin 2023, we wanted to share some of our plans for the next four months.

January – February- Financial Literacy segment.  We will be discussing the importance of generational wealth  and how to establish a financial blueprint. We will also discuss the importance of making sound financial decisions, saving,  spending, and budgeting. 

For the older guys, we will also dive into what a FICO/Credit score is and its importance, Investing, and 401k’s and entrepreneurship. Being able to  identify healthy strategies to manage money responsibly while building wealth  is our key objective for this segment. We will even go over what bad money choices look like, including simulations. We have also aligned experts in the field to discuss their experiences and take on the financial industry, along with a field trip and movie night.   

March – April- Education, Social and  Emotional Wellness, and  Community Engagement- This is where we will begin to explore the opportunities and history of HBCU’s, mental health, physical health, and the relationship between the black community and the police department.   We will also have planned field trips and bring experts in their field to provide additional insight into our conversations.

Please contact us if you have any questions 🫡


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