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Reflection Over Today’s Session 🫡

YMG Family,

Today’s leadership session with Mr. Ishmieal Kamara was truly impactful. He shared insightful gems, emphasizing that, as African-American young men, we are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. This statement aligns perfectly with our mission of intentionally pursuing being whole as a man. That’s why we wear the number NINE on our right sleeve. In our community, NINE doesn't mean striving for perfection; it means putting in the work so you can be the best version of yourself, no matter if life is going well for you or you are facing various challenges.

Reflecting on today’s discussion, we explored the distinction between being a leader and a manager. A manager adheres to existing standards, while a leader creates them.

We aim to empower our young men to believe in themselves, knowing that this belief ripples outward, inspiring others to follow us!

Remembering, maturity does not begin with age but with the acceptance of responsibility. Let your actions follow your beliefs, and together, we’ll continue striving to be the best versions of ourselves.


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